'From March to May 2018, Michael worked on the book A World Tour Through Scent, a project commissioned by the perfume company Symrise and directed by Nez, a French magazine. Based on the journeys of perfumers, journalists and photographers to 11 different countries, the texts that made up the book were mostly written in French and then translated into English. Michael was responsible for amending and harmonising those texts, which involved liaising closely both with the client and the editorial staff. His responsiveness, commitment, attention to detail and great rigour were essential for the success of this complex, ambitious and demanding project, which was completed within a tight schedule.'
— Jeanne Doré (editor-in-chief of Nez, the Olfactory Magazine, Paris, France)

'It is extremely hard to write an academic text, whether a PhD dissertation or a simple book review, in English when it is not your first language. It is not only about getting the grammar right; it is about getting your message across with both accuracy and elegance. And that is exactly what I got from Michael when he went through my book Trade and Trust in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World, which was eventually published by the Royal Historical Society.'

Xabier Lamikiz (associate professor of economic history at Universidad Autónoma, Madrid, Spain)


'Michael revises the texts on which the voice-overs for our wildlife films are based, always making them sound natural and engaging. It's really useful that he can identify when a literal translation from the original language (German) hasn't worked, and come up with the best alternative. He helps us deliver high-quality films for the international market.'

Ralf Kiefner & Andrea Ramalho (wildlife film makers, Germany)

'Knowing his mastery of language and his commitment, punctuality and professionalism, I chose Michael to translate my book Bringing Down Gaddafi – On the Ground with the Libyan Rebels (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014), with very satisfactory results.
Because of the way Michael thinks about a text, he's actually more than a translator: he's also an attentive editor, proposing appropriate adjustments in those sections of text which are trickiest to translate. He makes pertinent, thought-provoking suggestions while still always respecting the original text.

I've worked with excellent professional editors over the years, both in the fields of journalism and publishing, and can say without any doubt that Michael stands out for being painstaking and thorough.
In summary, Michael knows his craft. Instead of causing problems he comes up with great solutions.'

— Andrei Netto (Brazilian journalist and author; Paris correspondent for O Estado de S. Paulo)

'I first used Michael's editing service for my doctoral thesis in history. One of my examiners commented that my text was "remarkably clean", so ever since then I have sent all of my articles and research proposals to Michael before submitting them. He is extremely careful not only in correcting my mistakes but also in choosing a style and vocabulary to suit the specific context. I would genuinely recommend him.'

— Hana Fujita (social historian, Japan)


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