Thank you for visiting the website of my editing and proofreading service, which is based in London, UK.

My clients are businesses and individuals who need to produce high-quality texts in English but are not, in most cases, native speakers of the language.

These are some of the kinds of text I frequently edit:

  • website content

  • advertisements and other publicity material

  • speeches and presentations

  • academic theses

If your aim is to communicate successfully with an international audience, at some point you will probably need to create a good text in English. But if English is not your native language, that might not be an easy task.

In a professional context your minimum target is probably to avoid making grammatical, spelling or punctuation mistakes.

There are writing apps and other kinds of software that can take you part of the way towards that objective – but none of them can be relied on to detect every error. In that respect there is still no substitute for the eyes of a human editor.

And what if you want your text in English not only to be error-free but also to really engage and impress your audience

You might want to describe the core values of your organisation, or the precise details of a product or service you provide. You might want to convey personal qualities such as your professionalism, creativity or sense of humour. You might want to construct an argument as powerfully and elegantly as possible.

Whatever the impression you want to make with your writing, I can help.

Please see Editing for further information about my services and an explanation of my fees.

I also translate texts into English from Portuguese, Spanish or French - please see Translation.


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